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If you’re like most of our visitors the first thing you are thinking is that this all sounds too good to be true. You may have heard something about how America’s pharmaceutical companies are giving out medicine to America’s uninsured or you may have even seen Montel Williams promoting the Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

Yet you, like most people we talk to, probably haven’t completely realized that YOU… yes YOU… can probably get some or all of your medications deeply discounted in as little as 3 weeks from today… and continuously receive these medicines from now on!

Let me assure you, receiving discounted medicine from prescription assistance programs is not too good to be true. It is real and is working for millions of Americans as we speak… and it can happen for you as well with very little effort.

And you are on exactly the right website that will help you through every step of the process to realizing these amazing savings month after month and year after year.



Welcome to the Free Medicine Revolution. What is the FREE MEDICINE REVOLUTION and How Will it Help You Receive a Continuous Supply of Prescription Medications?

Free Medicine Revolution is a movement started by an experienced team of Patient Advocates. We have witnessed the suffering of America’s Uninsured first hand and have devoted our lives to assisting those in need to find prescription assistance. Therefore we have come together and started the Free Medicine Revolution in order to:

  • Give an easy way for Patients to connect to over 270 Patient Assistance Programs with minimal effort… from one single point of contact.
  • Connect people through our Online Interactive Community to help and support each other with similar conditions and needs.
  • End people’s suffering and promote healthy independent lifestyles.

Types of Prescription Assistance

On the internet you will find basically three types of prescription assistance services other than Free Medicine Revolution. We created Free Medicine Revolution to do all of the things that these three types do and more… all in one place.

1Informational Sites

These sites give information about Patient Assistance Programs and may even provide you an application. Some are up to date and some are not. You are really taking your chances because the Programs guidelines change all the time, without any notice. Using the wrong information will get you denied for help with your prescription medication. The best of these sites are www.needymeds.com and www.rxassist.org.

2Prescription Advocates Programs

Prescription assistance can be made much easier when working with a prescription advocate program. A trained prescription advocate or company can ease the excruciatingly tenuous process of dealing with multiple patient assistance programs and ensure that you are approved for your medication right away. Furthermore, they can manage your renewal processes to make sure that you receive an ongoing supply of free prescription medication.

3The Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance is sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer’s Association (PhRMA), a lobbying company for the pharmaceutical industry. This site is used as a search engine to help patients, caregivers and health care providers learn more about the resources available through the various biopharmaceutical industry programs.

4Prescription Lifeline

Prescription Lifeline is a different kind of prescription assistance program. We do all of the services mentioned above and more in order to provide individuals with comprehensive assistance in a single place.

Free Medicine Revolution is a
Different Kind Of Prescription Assistance Program

We combine all the different approaches into one simple and user friendly method that works to help you get your free medications quickly and on an ongoing basis.


There are 3 Main Aspects to Free Medicine Revolution

1. Free Patient Assistance Program Management Account:

This secure account uses our multi million dollar software to manage every step from A-Z in receiving free prescription medication from over 270 Prescription Assistance Programs.

This software account:

A. Pre-Qualifies you based on over 270 Patient Assistance Programs current qualification criteria for free.
We don’t want you to waste your time and money applying for programs that you won’t be approved for. We always try to find the best program for you first.
Don’t be misled by statements such as “You can qualify with income as high as $80,000 per year.”

The truth is, such qualification is very rare and will probably not work for your family or your medicine. We keep up to date information and applications on over 270 Patient Assistance Programs so that you never waste your time and always find the maximum amount of prescription assistance possible

B. Keeps a current database for over 75 Requirement, Processing and Form Criteria for each Patient Assistance Program
No other company or service has ever attempted to go so deep to ensure accuracy for their patients.

C. Uses revolutionary technology to help you fill out and complete your forms exactly to the Patient Assistance Program’s specifications INSTANTLY
You don’t wait for a blank form to come in the mail with little or out of date instructions. Remember, just one little mistake can cause you to be denied, even if you should qualify. We make sure you apply the right way to be sure you are approved the first time. And you can print your applications, completely filled out and ready to sign, INSTANTLY!

D. Gives you complete instructions to you and your physician on exactly what supporting documents are necessary for the Patient Assistance Program that you are applying for
As each Patient Assistance Program’s requirements differ, there is no one way that will help you receive the prescription assistance that you need. Only a Program like ours that keeps current information and requirements up to date will ensure that you are approved and continue to receive your free medicine.

E. Completely follows through with you for years to come to make sure that every step of the renewals and reapplication processes are completed properly
Don’t be fooled by thinking that you will just send in some paperwork and then all your problems will be solved. The truth is, receiving free medicine from Patient Assistance Programs requires ongoing renewal applications and re-applications to receive a continual supply of your medicine. Also, many Patient Assistance Programs change their processes, forms and requirements all the time, and most of the time without notice. Just making one mistake by not keeping current with the requirements can cause you to miss a renewal of your prescription, or worse, being denied from the program altogether- even if you should qualify.

We make sure that you never miss a step and apply correctly at all times. This ensures that you can continuously receive free medicine from Patient Assistance Programs from now on.

F. Gives you a complete, interactive user account on our website to always manage and stay on top of your applications, renewals and re-applications
It’s always there for you and the instructions are 100% complete and up to date. You will login to your account and will have easy to follow instructions on what, if anything, needs to be done at that time.

You will also get daily email reminders when things need to be done, just in case you have forgotten to log on for a while. We’ll make sure that you never go without your medicine or have to pay high pharmacy prices again.

2. Facebook-Like Member Community

Connect with others using Patient Assistance Programs and Patient Advocates in our “Facebook-like” community.

3. Enhanced Advocate Services

If you don’t want to or can’t manage these programs, (most people can’t) even using our state of the art software you can pay us a fraction of what your medication costs and our highly trained and experienced team of prescription advocates will handle all of the processes for you. This ensures that you receive ongoing help with prescription medication costs for the long run. For more information call (888) 331-1002 to learn more and see if this solution is right for you.


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